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Simrad IS15 Combi and Simrad IS15 Wind


Download Simrad IS15 Combi PDF

Download Simrad IS15 Wind PDF



Multilog-5HS is a quality datalogger with a resolution of 12 bit (1 mV.).


The logger has 5 inputs which can be delivered configured for measuring pulses as well as
analogue signals.
Multilog-5HS can be used as a datalogger and as an interface that constantly connected to a
PC can collect data. Download data sheet

DEMO: Price 332,50 €

datataker dt80 serie 1


With Software delogger 4.3. (Run Windows XP)




HOBO® Weather Station Data Logger - H21-001


 The award-winning HOBO Weather Station offers easy configuration and dependable research-grade measurements at a reasonable cost. The HOBO Weather Station records up to 15 channels of measurements, and a broad range of plug-and-play smart sensors are available for monitoring all kinds of environmental conditions - from temperature and humidity to soil moisture, wind speed/direction, rainfall, leaf wetness, solar radiation, and barometric pressure. Input adapters for 4-20mA, DC voltage, and pulses increase the range of possible measurements. With Software (Run Windows XP)